Asitis Whey Protein Review : Should you consider using it?

This Asitis Whey protein review has been written for everyone who wished for a high quality yet inexpensive Whey protein to meet their muscle building needs. 

Not only is Asitis whey protein powder being advertised about, it is actually being bought and used largely by us, Indians. There isn’t any doubt about its popularity in India. The name AS-IT-IS gives a clear message to its buyers that you will get real WHEY, very much intact retaining originality and purity. 

Apart from the acceptance and appraisal that this product has earned we must know the hard facts. Let us find out, is Asitis Whey protein good?


Asitis Whey protein review (in detail)



Asitis Nutrition is based in Bangalore (India). They source Whey protein from U.S.A, then pack it and market it under their name (Asitis does not mention the name of the company from which they import it). Their Whey protein comes in a travel friendly light pouch with a very affordable price, for both Concentrate and Isolate forms.

ASITIS Whey protein review: Unique attributes

You would be pleased to know that the ideal on which the company has laid its foundation is ‘purity’. And, YES this is the most sought attribute for a Whey protein powder. Asitis Nutrition serves its customers with RAW WHEY protein powders that are minimally processed and free of any sort of additives. So, the end user receives is ‘genuine’ as it is Whey protein.

An interesting fact about this protein is that they not only provide 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg packs but it is also available in packs containing 250grams and 500 grams of Whey protein. This makes it very convenient for users to order it and use use it for a couple of days at a stretch and know whether the product turned out to be good for them or not.

Asitis Whey protein powders give a lot of flexibility in buying options since they are packed in a range of sizes.

This Asitis protein review entails the two kinds of protein powders: concentrate & isolate. These are by far the most used kinds of Whey protein powders. So, we have divided our review into two main parts:

  1. Asitis whey protein concentrate review
  2. Asitis whey protein isolate review


Asitis whey protein concentrate


Concentrate form of Whey protein contains some carbohydrates (ie lactose), little fats and majorly Protein. It is suitable for everyone who can digest milk.

It is best for beginners to start with concentrate form of protein, since they are not at an advanced level of body building and indulge in low to medium intensity exercises. For best results stay within the recommended calorie intake (as per body weight).



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What does each serving of Asitis Nutrition Whey protein concentrate contain? 

  • Protein – 24 g
  • Carbohydrates – 2.5 g
  • Fat – 1.5 grams
  • BCCAs – 5.4 g
  • EAAs – 6.3 g
  • Calories – 119 Cal
  • No sugar
  • No dietary fiber

This information is for a single scoop of Asitis whey protein powder measuring 30grams.

Nutritional Information

  • Each serving of Asitis whey protein concentrate contains 24 grams of protein. So, the bio availability of protein is 80%.
  • It contains required amounts of essential amino acids. Also BCAAs are a special class of Essential Amino acids which are effective for body building & reduction of fatigue that develops as a result of workout.
  • The quantity of BCAAs is 5.4g  per serving. BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids are named according to their chemical structure which is branched in nature. (namely leucine, isoleucine and Valine)
  • Apart from essential amino acids it also contains NEEAs (non-essential amino acids) that are necessary for your fitness including glutamic acid(approx. 4g), aspartic acid, etc. 
  • As-it-is nutrition whey protein concentrate is processed minimally to keep the product as pure as possible and eliminate the loss of nutrients so that you can get the purest form of whey protein. 
  • As we know, it is non-additive it is very clear that there are no added preservatives or flavours. 
  • It has NO sugar so no worries about extra calories. 🙂

How to use Asitis Whey protein?

  • Take 1 scoop (30g) of Asitis whey protein concentrate.
  • Then add 240 ml of water, milk, or any other juice or beverage of your choice. Mix it nicely and your ultimate protein drink is ready. (In case of a strict diet, do consider the calories any beverage other than milk will bring into your protein shake.)

PROS of using Asitis whey protein concentrate powder  

  • It is testified that you will ingest 24 grams of protein per serving via this protein powder. Lab test report and reviews from consumers reflect its ingenuity.
  • It helps with restoration/ development of muscles to reach your desired goals in body building.
  • Asitis Whey concentrate is more worthwhile for beginners as said above. Another perk with the concentrate form is that it contains more nutrients than the isolate form. (During further processing of Whey protein to make the ‘isolate’ form some naturally found vitamins and minerals are lost)

NOTE: Go in for lactose free ‘isolate’ form in case of lactose intolerance/digestive issues OR when you have crossed the beginner level workouts and indulge in more intense training sessions.

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Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate review: Users feedback in a Nutshell!

Most of the users are satisfied with Asitis nutrition whey protein concentrate because of its great results and low cost. They found results in accordance with what the brand admitted.

But, there are some people who were dissatisfied. The displeasure stems from the fact that they observed bloating and in some cases indigestion too.  

Everyone has a say. Yet, some points need to be kept in mind before reviewing a whey protein like the training process, sleep hours, water intake and dietary habits. If any of these things aren’t correct, it is difficult to get good results with Whey protein.  


 Asitis whey protein isolate


Asitis Whey protein has become a well trusted Whey isolate in India and has been testified by its users for its efficacy. Its lab test report further confirms the same. (It contains as much protein as claimed by the company).

Whey Isolates are preferred over ‘concentrate’ forms due their higher protein content. The higher protein content is a result of more processing which eliminates carbohydrate (lactose) as well as fat; making the protein powder suitable for those who cannot digest lactose.

It is better for people who undergo intense strength training sessions to use ISOLATE due to higher protein content.

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Asitis whey isolate review: What do I get with each serving ??                    

  • Protein – 27 g
  • Carbohydrates – <1 g
  • EAA 12.9 g
  • BCAA  5.93g
  • Calories – 110 Cal
  • No sugar
  • No fat
  • No dietary fiber

This information is for a single scoop of Asitis whey protein powder measuring 30grams.

Nutritional Information

  •  27 grams of protein in a serving of 30 grams shoots up the bio availability of this protein to 90%. This is the major attraction in asitis whey protein Isolate.
  • Glutamic acid content is 4.54g per serving. It also contains 5.9 grams BCAAs to help your muscles bear as well as recover after heavy workouts.
  •  It is free of lactose.
  •  Although, it has been processed to remove lactose but on the other hand the natural identity of Whey protein is retained by not making any ‘extra’ artificial or natural additions into the original content of Asitis Whey isolate.
  • You must know that additions of flavours, stabilisers, thickeners and colour ought to reduce the protein percentage in a Whey supplement.
  • The company assures with its big n bold disclaimer that it does not contain any hazardous heavy metals (like lead, cadmium, mercury etc) and also it is completely Gluten free.
  • An unflavoured Whey protein is liked by some while disliked by others on the basis of taste. In case of not liking the taste (which is very close to unsweetened milk powder) you may add natural sweeteners and flavour so you will be sure of what you are adding and the protein shake’s purity is not hampered.

How to use Asitis Whey protein?

  • Take 1 scoop (30g) of Asitis whey protein isolate. Then add 240 ml of water, milk, or any other juice or beverage of your choice. Mix it nicely and your protein drink is ready.
  • Consider the calories you will intake if you are using any beverage other than water (especially on a strict diet).

PROS of using Asitis Whey Protein Isolate

  • It contains an overwhelming amount of protein i.e. 27 grams per serving . Since, lactose has been eliminated, along with easy digestion it will enhance your muscle strength and gains.
  • Isolates are always expensive. Of course it is  more expensive than asitis whey protein concentrate but it is much cheaper than other BIG brands’ isolate protein like Optimum Nutrition or MuscleTech. 

Asitis Whey Isolate review: User’s Feedback in a Nutshell!

Asitis Nutrition Whey isolate has been there for a while. We cannot say it is a newbie. People have used it and lots of reviews are available. More often than not, users have gotten their goals achieved with asitis whey protein isolate. 

This is a good choice to improve your lean muscle growth, muscle strength rejuvenation, general fitness, and fat loss. Also, lactose intolerance is a common problem these days so asitis Whey isolate is sometimes preferred over asitis whey concentrate.

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How to ascertain whether Asitis whey protein I bought is genuine?


It is easy to check its authenticity. It is a simple process. You just need to download their ‘Let’s verify app’ from the play store and find the option to scan the QR code present on your packet of Asitis Whey protein.

You can easily access the QR code by scratching a grey stripe. Use the let’s verify app to read this code and get your result within seconds. So, it is easy to detect that you received an asitis fake protein or an original one. In case of a non genuine product you can easily return it.

Also, it is easy to buy it from Amazon and avail great discount on the product.


What would you miss out while using Asitis Whey protein?


While talking about any NEGATIVES of Asitis Whey protein we would say:

  • The most prominent factor is its ‘disliked taste’. This is reported by almost all users. But you must know that the taste being pathetic is true for every unflavoured raw whey protein.
  • Many users have observed heaviness in their abdomen owing to bloating (after using Asitis whey protein). This is not likely to happen with everyone though.
  • It is true that some users face digestive issues like excessive flatulence and complete indigestion with this whey protein. This is also not very common and might happen with people who have a sensitive digestive system.
  • To be on a safe side go in for the small packaging of 500grams or even 250 grams of ASITIS whey protein to know whether it suits you or not. NOTE: Raw Whey is suitable for everyone who can digest milk without any bloating or indigestion.
  • Asitis whey protein has no added digestive enzymes on its ingredients list. This is because it is an ‘additives free’ supplement. It is on your part how to use it, so that it becomes tasty and is easy to digest.

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Asitis protein vs ON whey protein 


Who doesn’t know about Optimum Nutrition. It is a global leader for Whey protein. ON has a legacy of loyal customers since it delivers high quality content. Still, we would make a comparison of our Indian Asitis Whey protein with it, to determine how far it can make it the benchmark standard in the industry.

This comparison table has been made while considering 100 grams of serving content from the two brands. 


Parameters      ASITIS whey conc.         ON whey conc. 


Type                Raw Whey             Processed n flavoured Whey

Protein              80 g                     77.4 g


BCAAs             18 g                      17.7 g   


Additives           No                          Yes


Taste               not good                awesome

Digestibility      OK                         good


Friendly            Yes                          No


Although Asitis cannot beat the giant Optimum Nutrition in all aspects, but yes we can clearly see that it provides genuine raw whey with a high protein content (80%) per serving. And yes, it is a BUDGET OPTION.


Asitis Whey protein review: CONCLUSION


The conclusion is very evident! 

Asitis whey protein is not only ‘pocket friendly’. As per our asitis protein powder review it also qualifies for being a cheap whey protein in India while maintaining top-notch quality. Its popularity isn’t clouded with unnecessary hype and neither are any claims made by the company shallow or fake.

You can easily buy Asitis whey protein from Amazon at great discounted rates while also being sure of its ingenuity (don’t worry it won’t be fake) since it is being sold by authorised sellers.

Nevertheless, it is becoming a well established brand in the category of health supplements. Yes, the company delivers what it claims.

Hope you have found your answers in this Asitis whey protein review. Please share it with your friends if found helpful!


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