Fitkit FT200 Review

Fitkit ft200 review: Why is it one of the bestselling treadmill in INDIA??

NOTE: Our Fitkit ft200 review will help you to know the nitty gritty of this budget friendly treadmill & also asses whether it justifies being one of the best selling treadmill in India!

Fitkit ft200 is a well designed domestic treadmill. It offers great features and optimum sturdiness that joggers, walkers and runners need. Being a budget friendly treadmill too, it easily attracts Indian buyers. Fitkit ft200 series motorized treadmill is a good option for those having a 30,000 Indian rs budget approximately.

Fitkit ft200 series motorized treadmill REVIEW

Prime features of Fitkit ft200: At a glance 

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Some great features of Fitkit ft200 

Powerful Motor:

The higher the motor capacity; the longer the life of the treadmill. This is a thumb rule, which will help you to select one. Nevertheless, the usage of the machine may also decide its longevity.

A 2.25 HP continuous duty DC motor means that this amount of power supply will be maintained throughout the workout; whereas the maximum power that the treadmill can reach up to is 4.5 HP. DC motors are used in domestic treadmills. They produce less noise and are low in power consumption too.

Must know: A 2.25 HP motor can easily support, brisk walking, jogging and sprinting. It will support running too (for moderately weighed users).

Upper weight limit: 

The mentioned upper weight limit for this machine is 110 kg. Since running or jogging involves force being exerted on the machine in an opposite direction the manufacturers say it will work well for users upto 90 kgs. To enjoy a smooth and lasting workout, consider the maximum weight range to be 20 to 25 kg lesser than the mentioned weight on any treadmill.

Must know: The power needed to propel the running machine comes from the motor and this decides the maximum user weight that can be supported.

Speed range:

Fitkit ft200 treadmill provides a high range of speed reaching upto 16 km/hr. This will cover walking, brisk walking, jogging and running.

Treadmill Belt: 

The running belt’s dimensions and its quality are central to selecting a good treadmill. You need area as well as a good quality surface to walk upon, don’t you?

The running track measures 48 inches in length and is 16.5 inches wide. This is good enough for people having an average stride (stride is the distance between your feet when you jog or run).

Must know: The taller the person the longer the stride. Consider your height while buying a treadmill. The length provided here is good enough for average Indian users. Very tall individuals (reaching upto 6 feet) should consider a greater length of the treadmill belt. 

Special features of the treadmill belt: 

Fitkit ft200 comes with a multi layered treadmill belt. It is an anti skid belt with shock absorbing property. The belt also comes with vibration damping features. All this together will help you to remain stable during your workout and will also prevent noise creation.

Auto Inclination & Auto Lubrication:

These are features not easily found in medium budget treadmills. There are 15 settings for inclination provided with this treadmill. Since it is powered inclination, it can easily be changed by pressing a button which creates no interruption in the workout as opposed to a manual incline.

Fitkit ft200 lubrication is easy! The auto lubrication system helps to spread the lubricant evenly below the running belt. You only need to refill the lubricant in the space provided once it gets used up.

User friendly Control Panel:

Fitkit ft200 review 2

Apart from the mechanics, the electronic features in a treadmill are equally important. The control panel contains well placed buttons which help to initiate and regulate vital functions. Start/Stop keys, auto inclination plus and minus keys, speed control keys, auto lubrication key, and the option to choose a pre set workout (via pressing a button) lie here.

It contains a centrally placed LCD screen which displays the statistics like speed, time, distance covered, heart rate, calories burnt etc. It also shows data stored in the G fit app and the pre set work out programme (if chosen any).

Accessory features of the control panel include two cup holders/ bottle holders, a cooling fan, a mobile/tablet holder and provision of a safety key.

12 pre set workout modes: 

Although, we mostly use treadmills to our liking and endurance. But, it is a fact that normal jogging and running do get boring overtime. Since, there are 12 pre set workout programs in this model, you can easily jump on to these to break the monotony. Also, they will help upscale your performance and enhance strength levels.

Fitkit ft200 Review: Know more about this treadmill

(1) The installed unit measures as  follows:

  • h= 50.7 inches
  • w= 29.9 inches
  • length= 66.9 inches 

So, this is the space you need for this treadmill.

(2) It is a foldable treadmill for home use. It will use the space mentioned above, but you can also fold and keep it aside as per you needs.

(3) It weighs 60 kgs approximately. Since, is  supported with transportation wheels it is easy to relocate it.

(4) The heart rate measurement is constantly monitored by the machine using built in pulse sensors on the hand rails. Start and Stop buttons are also present on the hand rails that create further ease in controlling this treadmill.

(5) A safety key is attached to control panel with one end of the cord while the other end needs to be attached to the user via a clip. This cord easily detaches in case of a slip or fall and the machine stops functioning immediately.

(6) Fitkit ft200 also has built in speakers. These can be used to listen to audios via your phone/tablet using an AUX cable.

Extra advantages with Fitkit ft200: Perks you wouldn’t wanna miss!

Installation services & customer support:

Once you buy Fitkit FT 200 treadmill, you are entitled to a free installation service from the company which extends to as many as 650 cities across India. (Although Fitkit ft200 installation is easy even if done on your own). The after sales support from the company is good. Queries are easily resolved within the warranty period and any replacement of parts outside the warranty period incurs minimal or rather a very fair charge.

Slimming Massager, sit up bars and Dumb bells:

An electronic vibrating belt type massager, sit up bars  and a set of dumb bells(weighing 1 kg) are also provided with this treadmill. This would further enhance your efforts towards fat loss.

Note that diet also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Alexa enabled:

Alexa connectivity offers great utility such that this equipment can be called a ‘smart treadmill’. Various functions like increasing or decreasing the speed, inclination , knowing the workout related statistics can be done hands free by voice commands. Moreover, accessing the G fit app becomes even more easy with Alexa.

G fit app utilities:

This app can easily be downloaded from the google play store and you can register yourself there after purchasing the Fitkit treadmill. You get numerous utilities through it like saving workout related data, and tracking your workout progress.

Doctor consultation and diet support:

Customised diet plans (made by dieticians) are available through the G fit app. They are made taking into consideration the age & type of equipment being used .

Professional Trainers’ support:

Personal Training sessions, designed taking help of experts are provided by the company. Also, video training sessions with professional trainers are an option to learn more and motivate yourself towards fitness.

Fitkit ft 200 Installation guide


What could bother you about Fitkit ft200 : CONS???

Although the positive feedback and customer reviews about the product outweigh the negative ones; we have observed some attributes which could be upgraded. They are………

  • Speakers are of moderate quality. They play well at moderate volumes while the sound quality might not be too good when raised high.
  • The cooling fan won’t help much during the workout. It isn’t powerful enough to make your face feel the breeze.
  • The treadmill belt is shock absorbing kind and comfortable. But no extra spring shock absorbers are attached below the running platform in this model.
  • Although, electronic vibrating belt type massagers are often used for slimming. The Fitkit ft200 massager is of moderate quality and it is used by many users while it is of no use for others. You have a choice to take this accessory item with the machine or leave it. (If you forgo this, the price will be reduced further)
  • After sales service by Fitkit is decent. Although, at times their team has taken time to reach out for installation service (an average time could be 3 to 5 days for getting your equipment installed). This may not happen with everyone because it also depends on the place where you are residing.

Should I buy Fitkit ft200 series motorized treadmill??

Paying for a treadmill and bringing it home is the first step towards shedding the unwanted weight. Its mere presence will motivate you to workout.  🙂

Among various treadmills being sold in India, Fitkit ft200 has become really popular and a favourite buy for Indian customers due to the great build quality, advanced, rich features and to top it all it has a very fair price tag on it.

It mostly falls within the budget range of those intending to buy a treadmill in India.

The little downsides that have been observed are either easy to be overlooked or they can be managed well to get great experience from this running machine.

We wrap our fitkit ft200 review with the recommendation that you may buy it, if you weigh anywhere upto 90 kgs and want a feature rich/economical treadmill!

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