Nakpro whey protein review

Nakpro Whey Protein review: Is it good?

If you’ve been on the lookout for an effective and cheap Indian Whey protein powder, it is likely you might have stumbled upon Nakpro Whey protein too. So, let us know………..Is Nakpro Whey protein good??

First of all, let me tell you that Nakpro has picked up popularity in the recent years. This has compelled me to write this Nakpro Whey protein review. I assure you that this isn’t just another review on Nakpro but a true reflection of what the product is all about; since we care about your health and your money.

We found that, Nakpro Whey Protein is a newbie yet it has created space for itself in the really over crowded market of Whey proteins in India. It is identified for being really economical and good in quality.

Nakpro offers some really good options in the category of  Raw Whey Protein powders. In our Nakpro Whey Protein Review we will talk about these: 

  1. Nakpro Gold 100% Whey Protein Concentrate
  2. Nakpro Perform Whey protein
  3. Nakpro Whey Platinum

NOTE: The best factor to assess the quality of a product is the steady pace at which it is sold over and over again (although there are other factors). This happens only when the product provides value to the customer. The good news is that it is true for Nakpro Whey Protein.


Nakpro Whey Protein review

About Nakpro

Nakpro Nutrition is an Indian brand for sports supplements. Apart from Whey protein it does have a good range of products like Mass gainers, Plant protein powders, BCAAs, Creatine supplements etc etc. Its products are up to the mark since it is an ISO 9000 certified company.

When it comes to Whey protein; we found that they have used imported Whey (from Hilmar ingredients U.S.A). The product’s ownership although goes back to an established and trusted dairy in India (Nakoda Dairy which has its corporate office in Bangalore). So, Whey is imported, then packed and distributed in India by this company under the brand name ‘Nakpro’.

Nakpro Whey protein lab report

A good sign for trusting this Indian brand of Whey protein is that it is keen to provide relevant information. Unlike some Indian companies who do not disclose where they imported Whey from, Nakpro clearly mentions it on the informational label of the product. Also, it attaches a lab report of the product, proving its authenticity.

Nakpro Whey protein lab report can be found in the attached images with NAKPRO PERFORM whey protein concentrate as well with NAKPRO PLATINUM Whey protein Isolate on Amazon. The protein availability checked in the lab report is in confirmation with what is printed on the informational label.

Finding, it to be a worth trusting product we proceed further with our Nakpro Whey protein review….

Nakpro Whey Protein: TYPE

Nakpro Whey protein powders contain RAW Whey. Why do we say so? This is because the company claims to provide a ‘clean product’ free of artificial flavours, colours, cheap fillers, preservatives, sweeteners and any other harmful substance. The protein received by the end user is in its natural form, which means it is raw whey.

What is RAW Whey??

Raw Whey is if simply explained is ‘Whey protein concentrate in its pure form’. When Whey protein has to be extracted from the liquid Whey, it undergoes treatment with enzymes, complex filtration processes (ion exchange) and then spray drying to give us the solid protein part. But what is important to note here is that this protein is in its very native n natural state containing some amount of carbohydrates (lactose), fats,  other essential vitamins and minerals that re found in milk.

This end product is actually concentrated Whey protein but retained in its natural state by not making any additions to it. This is known as Raw Whey.

Also read : Nutrabay Whey protein review.

At other times, more processing is done to improve the texture, taste, mix-ability and protein content in the product.

Raw Whey does not contain any additives (not even those which are permitted under food safety standards). No thickeners (natural or artificial) no colours, sweetener is added. Maltodextrin and artificial preservatives etc are also ruled out.

This Whey, being in its native state is difficult to be digested by those who are allergic to lactose. (such individuals may face excessive bloating and even diarrhoea after consuming raw whey). Those who can easily digest milk can easily digest Raw Whey.

NOTE: It is not at all suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Nevertheless, Raw Whey is cheaper. (It needs less of processing so it ought to be cheap).

Here, it is important to note that Nakpro Whey is also raw Whey with little variations. For example: it is available as unflavoured raw whey as well as in flavoured forms. You also have the option of having Nakpro raw whey with or without digestive enzymes also exists here. 

Its price

The cost for the different types of Whey proteins from Nakpro is really affordable. Nakpro Whey protein price fluctuates in and around 1000 Indian rupees. It definitely finds its place in the list of some of the cheapest Whey protein options in India.

(1)Nakpro GOLD Whey Protein review


Nakpro GOLD Whey protein contains 27g of protein (dry basis) with every serving of 33grams. This makes the bio availability around 81% which is good.

Talking about other macros, we find that it contains very less amount of carbs ie 1.72grams and minimal amount of fats. There is no added sugar in the product, neither any other kind of artificial flavour, sweetener, thickener or texture enhancing substance has been used. It is a Non GMO and preservative free product.

11.48 g of essential amino acids are present per serving. Glutamic acid and BCAAs are present in optimal amounts in every serving ( 4.2g & 5.5g respectively). To make it an ideal post workout drink BCAAS (needed for better muscle strength and development as well as energy during workout) and Glutamic acid ( to help overcome muscular fatigue) are necessary.

It is a purely vegetarian, Non GMO, preservative free and clean product it. A really lucrative option in the low cost Whey protein category. The information cited above was for unflavoured Nakpro GOLd 100% Whey protein Concentrate.

Nakpro Gold Whey protein ALSO has flavoured versions. This is raw Whey with a little variation! 🙂

In flavoured forms the protein content is slightly lower. Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry and Vanilla are the major flavours found in Nakpro GOLd Whey protein. Here, you will get 25g of protein in every serving of 33g. So, the bio availability is 75% for flavoured forms. This isn’t too low.

Also the carbohydrate content increases upto 3.3 grams. While the amount of BCAAs and Glutamic acid remains the same ( 5.5 & 4.2g respectively). This Whey protein is flavoured with natural flavours (cocoa in case of chocolate), added stabilisers and natural thickener (Xanthum gum). It also contains a permitted artificial sweetener (Sucralose). So, the taste will definitely be better in this case. It is true that some people cannot use unflavoured raw Whey since they do not find it tasting good at all. This is why these options are there.

Nakpro GOLD Whey is a great option in the low budget range!

TIP: Those beginners who are in the process of learning and do not indulge in very intensive workouts aimed at cutting can consider the flavoured Nakpro Whey Gold.

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(2) Nakpro PERFORM Whey protein concentrate review

Nakpro PERFORM protein concentrate is actually quite similar to its Whey GOLD counterpart; with only with a few differences. Both contain concentrate form of Whey protein.

Nakpro PERFORM Whey protein also comes in both Unflavoured and flavoured forms. Let’s discuss the unflavoured PERFORM Whey first…

Nakpro Perform(unflavoured) whey contains contains 24 grams of protein in each serving of 33grams. So, the bio available protein per serving is 72.72% which is lower than Nak pro Whey Gold. It contains moderate mount of carbohydrates ( around 4g per serving) and some amount of fats too. Although the amount of BCAAs and Glutamic acid remain in almost the same amounts. ( 5.4g & 4.2g respectively)

The prime difference here is the addition digestive enzymes. A blend of enzymes : protease and lactase have been added to make the digestion easy and smooth so that it is readily available for absorption in the body.

Tip: This is an ideal Raw Whey for anyone who is not on a very strict low carb diet.

Flavoured options are also available for PERFORM Whey. The same range of flavours like Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry and Vanilla are available to choose from. The flavoured versions contain added zero calorie artificial sweetener, thickeners and stabilisers. The bio availability of protein in the flavoured forms is 69.69% (dry basis). Rest of the nutritional profile is more or less the same.

Choosing between the Nakpro GOLd Whey protein and Nakpro PERFORM Whey protein is your personal choice. But, according to what it will provide in terms of protein/serving and other metrics we suggest you to go in for Nakpro 100% Whey GOLD.

You can choose Nakpro PERFORM Whey protein in case you prefer added enzymes. This would be of great help if at all you doubt about facing digestives issues or have actually faced issues earlier with raw Whey; go in for this one.

(3) Nakpro Platinum Whey Isolate review


Nakpro Platinum 100% Whey protein Isolate is one of the best among all options in terms of protein content. Nakpro Whey isolate is at par with other good quality isolates from Indian brands. It also brings in all the qualities which Nakpro as a brand claims. Non GMO, additives free, clean Whey proteins with no amino spiking neither the presence of any banned substance. The Whey proteins from Nakpro have been tested for purity.

Nakpro Whey isolate is sold in unflavoured as well as flavoured forms.

The unflavoured Nakpro Whey protein Isolate has a high amount of protein ie 30.4g of protein in every serving of 33 grams. This makes its bio availability as high as 92%. Hence, it is even better than some Whey isolates from Indian brands.

6.96g of BCAAs and 5.38g of glutamic acid is also a high amount which is proportional to the high protein availability in general in this Nakpro Whey isolate. Most of the people have found this Whey isolate fulfilling their expectations within an affordable price range. Whey isolate is recommended for anyone who is keen on gaining lean muscle and seriously exercise daily for the same.

Nakpro Whey isolate can also be bought in flavours like chocolate, mango, vanilla and strawberry. The protein metrics and other nutritional profile changes a little in these. The bio availability for flavoured forms is reduced and reaches upto 84.84%. Flavoured Whey isolates should be bought by everyone who cannot bear the unflavoured taste. These contain added natural flavour, thickeners, stabilisers and sweeteners.

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Nakpro Whey Protein: Final thoughts about the product

It is imperative to say here, that reviews of the product are mixed. Some users report extreme bloating and abdominal discomfort. This is normal for a new user and gradually the body settles down with the usage of the product. While there are many who vouch for its quality and efficacy after using it.

Our advice would be, if you are generally prone to bloating with the use of dairy products then consider the isolate form which has less of lactose OR use the one containing enzymes for easy digestion. Since, everyone is not sensitive and also Nakpro provides high protein content at an affordable price tag it would be OK to give ti a try.

The lab report provided by them has been re verified by many users; leading to satisfactory findings about the genuineness of the product.

To avail amazing discounts on Nakpro Whey protein you may visit Amazon and buy genuine Nakpro protein powders. It will be guaranteed authentic since it is sold via Cloudtail India; the official seller on Amazon.  🙂

What are some alternative options that may be considered?

No doubt Nakpro is being offered at a very low price but it is always good to check some other options. You can check Asitis whey protein review which is liked by many people. Also, we have compiled a list of low cost whey proteins which might be useful for you.

Our Nakpro Whey protein review ends on a note that it is definitely worth considering when you are looking for a low cost Whey protein from an Indian brand.


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