Nutrabay Whey Protein Review

Nutrabay Whey Protein Review : All that you need to know!

A holistic Nutrabay Whey protein review was the need of the hour to let our readers know that an Indian Whey protein can also be an effective solution for your needs.

Let’s uncover facts and know the reality.

About Nutrabay

Nutrabay’ is a known name, among health supplement providers. It has served its customers for over 5 years and is known for saving its consumers from fake/counterfeit products. The main point here is what should we expect when it comes to a product(whey protein powder)of their own?

An unbiased opinion would be that a health supplement provider that was established with the aim of safeguarding your health, by providing guaranteed genuine products will not ditch you when it comes to a product of their own. So, a whey protein supplement from Nutrabay is actually good news!

Nutrabay Whey Protein is relatively new in the market, but it is bound to be trustworthy and safe for your health. Although we should not undermine the need to analyse their whey protein supplement carefully just as we analyse any other. This brings in the need for Nutrabay Whey protein review.

Nutrabay has mainly two series of Whey proteins that it manufactures:

  • Nutrabay Pure series (raw whey)
  • Nutrabay Gold

Nutrabay pure series Whey protein: A quick look! 


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Nutrabay Whey protein review (in detail)

Whey protein powders from Nutrabay contains supreme quality imported RAW Whey that is minimally processed and then packed in a clean , standardised environment.

‘Nutrabay’ as a seller of original health supplements had its core principle as ‘customer satisfaction’. The same idea lies behind their own products. As you read this review you will know the transparency and reliability ensured by the company to make the user satisfied. This Nutrabay Whey Protein review entails:

1. Nutrabay Whey protein concentrate review

2. Nutrabay Whey protein Isolate review

NOTE: We will mainly talk about the ‘pure series’ raw whey protein from Nutrabay and also touch upon ‘Gold Whey’ with a comparison perspective.

Nutrabay pure series whey protein concentrate


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  • The most important parameter that needs to be discussed is protein….. After all this is what you buy a Whey supplement for! Nutrabay Whey Concentrate has  78% bio availability of protein (which comes close to the bio available protein in the standard foreign as well as Indian brands of whey protein). **The amount of protein (in grams)n per serving divided by the serving size (in grams) helps us to know the bio availability of protein in any supplement.
  • The amount of carbohydrate and fat with respect to protein is minimal.
  • You will get here raw whey, in an un denatured and pure state!
  • Nutrabay Whey protein Concentrate packs 5.3 grams BCAAS  in each serving and it is a good amount. BCAAS are important for building muscles. They include leucine, isoleucine and valine. These 3 amino acids are present in this supplement in the standard ratio of 2:1:1.
  • 3.9 g glutamine is also present in every serving and it is important for faster muscle recovery. In simple terms, they heal the wear and tear in muscle tissues which occurs as a result of daily physical activities like running, jogging, weight training, aerobics, or any other strenuous task. 
  • This is ano-nonsense product’; meaning that it does not have any extras which are useless or in any case detrimental to your health. It has no additives like artificial sweeteners or colours,  thickeners and  fillers.
  • It does not contain any digestive enzymes either.
  • Nutrabay Pure series Whey protein concentrate is not having soy, casein protein, or fibre. This will keep the digestion rate of the supplement good, since all these additions that have been mentioned slow down the absorption rate of whey protein and it won’t help you achieve a fast recovery post-workout.
  • You can use this Whey protein as per your liking by blending it into a protein rich smoothie with any fruits, or nuts. It can be sweetened with stevia or honey  and cocoa powder can be used to add a rich chocolaty flavour to it.  These are little efforts on your part but you have the assurance of consuming a safe and clean product.


Nutrabay pure series whey protein isolate


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With the thought of Whey protein comes the fear of consuming unnecessary chemicals and this is what the ‘Pure’ Whey Isolate from Nutrabay combats! ( Nutrabay Whey Protein Concentrate has also been manufactured on the same lines)

  • It has an impressive bio availability of 88.33% protein. It means you will get  around 26.5 grams of protein in every serving weighing a total of 30 grams.
  • This Nutrabay protein has no sugar and almost negligible amount of fat and only 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving, making it a perfect solution for muscle gain and fat loss.
  • 6.2 grams of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are present in every serving and this is a good amount! Glutamic acid content is 4.7 grams per serving. They help to support your heavy workouts by lessening the fatigue and pacing up the muscle recovery process.
  • ** Both BCAAs and Glutamic Acid are Amino acids that are essential & cannot be synthesised within the body.
  • The added benefit with Nutrabay Pure series Whey proteins (as said above) is that they are NOT loaded with unnecessary colours, fillers, sweeteners, emulsifiers or stabilisers to improve the texture, mix ability or taste of the protein powder. This is WHEY in a raw and natural state.
  • No digestive enzymes have been added in its formulation.
  • Nutrabay Pure series Whey protein Isolate gives you an edge of consuming a high amount of clean protein within a low budget. (Whey Isolates are always expensive!)
  • Being unflavoured it gives you the liberty to flavour it, sweeten it or blend it into a smoothie using reliable and pure additions like stevia, cocoa powder, honey, fruits, nuts etc etc.


How is Nutrabay Whey Gold Isolate different?


A quick review of the Nutrabay Gold Whey protein Isolate reveals that it is a  flavoured and processed form of Whey protein.

  • The amount of protein here becomes lessened her due to additions made. They contain added artificial flavours and sweeteners, emulsifiers stabilisers as well as preservatives.
  • The amount of protein in Nutrabay Gold Whey Isolate is lesser than the Nutrabay Pure series Whey Isolate. Here, the bio availability is 83.33%  as opposed to 88% bio availability in the pure series Whey isolate.
  • It contains added digestive enzymes.
  • The rich chocolate creme flavour makes it delicious. (Other flavours are also available)
  • Nutrabay Gold Whey Isolate is expensive when compared to its unflavoured counterpart. But the price is still reasonable in comparison with expensive foreign brands of Whey protein.
  • Our review about the Nutrabay Gold Whey Isolate says that it is a good choice for beginners. This is backed by three main reasons: (1) It has good amount of protein per serving (2) contains digestive enzymes (3) Someone who is new to using Whey protein would not initially know it will suit him or not, it might cause bloating or not, so it would be better to consume a whey protein that contains less lactose as well as has enzymes to help with digestion. ** lactose causes bloating in some individuals
  • Nutrabay Whey Gold series has another popular product called Nutrabay Tri Blend which contains all three forms of Whey protein (concentrate, isolate as well as  hydrolysed whey protein).  Hydrolysed Whey is ideal for quick absorption of protein while the concentrate and Isolate forms will take some time. This one is ideal for those who undergo intense workouts for muscle building. It has a decent 75% bio availability of protein.


Know more about Nutrabay Protein:  Is Whey protein from Nutrabay genuine/authentic?

As mentioned above, the quantity of protein in this supplement is enough to give your muscles a good boost! The label clearly mentions the diverse amount of amino acids present. Essential as well as non-essential amino acids and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) have been added in the standard amounts, meaning that their quantities are at par with the amounts found in any reputed whey protein.

A laboratory report  (for concentrate and isolate forms) provided by the company further testifies these facts.

The product contains raw whey protein which is imported from the U.S.A. The provider is Glanbia International which provides Whey to leading brands like ON, Iso pure etc. It can be believed that the quality of whey would be good; and this is also reflected in customer reviews. Nutrabay protein is processed further in India.

NOTE: It is a product from Radicura Pharmaceuticals in India. They manufacture nutritional supplements, on behalf of leading pharma companies like Ranbaxy, Panacea Biotech etc. And, off late NUTRABAY is their client. The product (whey protein) gets marketed in the name of ‘Nutrabay Whey Protein’.

Nutrabay Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate is an ISO compliant  FSSAI verified product. ( ISO: International Organisation for standardisation, FSSAI: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)


Nutrabay review Wrap up : FAQs


Is Nutrabay Whey protein good in taste?

Nutrabay whey protein mixes well with water and tastes like unsweetened milk powder (since it is unflavoured). It isn’t great in its taste but not detestable. If you can compromise a little with the taste factor or use this one to make shakes or flavour it yourself, you can go in for this one.

You can also use it in protein-rich recipes.

How to consume this?

One scoop of Nutrabay protein can be easily consumed with 200 ml (you can add more) of water or milk at the breakfast time or as a pre/post workout drink. It can come as a rescue option to curb in between meals hunger pangs and eliminate consumption of unhealthy snacks.

Why is froth created (when I blend) Nutrabay Pure series Whey protein?

Froth (a collection of small bubbles) is always created in Raw Whey. Since, raw whey does not contain additives like any fillers, thickeners and stabilisers like other flavoured and processed whey. This is why you may see a difference.

The company claims, this as a sign of purity.

How to ensure I get a genuine Nutrabay Whey protein?

You can buy this from Amazon. You would be pleased to know that Radicura Pharmaceuticals the official seller for this product on Amazon. So, no issues or apprehensions of getting a fake product!  🙂

 What results can I expect with Nutrabay protein powder?

It will act on your body in the same manner like any good Whey protein would. Those who have used it have found it equally good as any other Indian brand and better of course with respect to price. Some found the outcome of this protein to be OK, but that really matters a lot with your diet and lifestyle.

Whey protein is most effective when you eat healthy and are physically active too.

Any there any drawbacks ?

Not really. However, you should keep in mind that everyone’s body responds differently to the same product that you start including in your diet. It is safe and will cause no issues to those who can digest milk easily.

It might cause bloating in some people since no digestive enzymes have been added. Those who have lactose intolerance should go in for Nutrabay Whey Protein isolate’  form. (isolate form of whey is always expensive than whey concentrate)

People with special illnesses should take medical advice from their doctor before taking it and this includes pregnant and lactating mothers as well. Since this product does not contain soy and any sweetener whatsoever it is safe for people with thyroid issues and also for diabetics.

Why should I buy Nutrabay Pure series Whey?

The answer for this question lies in the summary of our Nutrabay Whey protein review which provides two main reasons to choose this one: 

• Among many other whey proteins, that are being sold in the market this one qualifies for being a pure and safe supplement as claimed by the company. 

• Moreover, the price is really enticing and at par with other raw whey protein powders in the market. It will easily fit in the budget range of all, be it students, adults, men, women, etc. 

 And lastly, buying this is your personal decision.


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