Oziva Protein and Herbs For Women Review

Oziva Protein and Herbs for Women REVIEW: Is it good?

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NOTE: Oziva Protein and Herbs for Women review provided here, is a detailed one. As you read you will discover the background research work and analysis of the product done by us. The review touches upon almost every aspect linked with the product.

Oziva Protein and Herbs for women, has gained popularity in India recently. Awareness about general health, fitness, immunity and longevity is on the rise.  It is good to be vigilant about nutrition and thus make an effort to improve our food habits and overall lifestyle to lead a productive life. Indian Women being no exception to this!

Oziva Protein and herbs bring to you high quality ‘Whey Protein’, essential vitamins, minerals and a blend of herbs (exclusive to feminine health).

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Multiple benefits covered under a single Umbrella! This is what truly describes Oziva Protein and Herbs for Women. It is a PROTEIN supplement with lots of vitamins, minerals and Ayurvedic herbs.

The formulation is exclusive. It will help to maintain good health by completing daily protein requirement, providing daily boost of 28 vitamins and minerals, also keeping feminine hormones in balance and maintain regulate metabolism as well.

You must know that the protein source used in this supplement is high quality WHEY PROTEIN.

In every scoop (measuring 32g) you get 23g of protein.


Being a Woman, do I need to take a Protein Powder??

YES; (if you cannot meet the daily recommended amount of protein through diet). In a fast paced, busy life, it sometimes becomes nearly impossible to keenly take care of our diet. So, here comes the need for incorporating Protein powders. 🙂

In an article published in the Women’s Health magazine, they have clearly mentioned that ‘ Women benefit more from Protein Powder than Men’ (said by a certified strength and conditioning specialist). It stresses upon the fact that women too need PROTEIN just as men do, but they are careless of incorporating it regularly in their meals.

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You might have heard the age old adage……’ Women’s bodies deteriorate faster than men’s bodies.’ Any teenage girl or a girl in her early twenties will not like to hear that. Most of the time we think, the women in earlier times might not have got the right nutrition owing to poverty/scarcity OR due to having more children (LOLzzz). So, they would have deteriorated physically faster than men. But, this deterioration won’t happen to me!

If your thoughts are such, you really need to educate yourself about the metabolism that gets slowed down very easily in women after mid twenties, and every passing decade makes it even worse.

A diet rich in protein does wonders for women! It saves them from :

  • extra cravings and hence weight gain
  • loss or weakness of muscles
  • weakness of bones
  • when coupled with exercise the metabolism gets a kick, keeping fat storage at bay

Important Takeaway: Whatever be your age (teenage, mid twenties, over 30 or even more) it is necessary to include daily exercise and a protein rich diet or a good protein powder to meet your daily protein needs.

Why WHEY Protein???

There is lots of evidence based on scientific research which says that WHEY PROTEIN is one of the best protein supplement that you should be adding in your diet. It does not harm your body  when you stay within the daily permissible limit (which is much more than a scoop of Whey Protein). All other proteins, be it egg protein, soy protein, casein, pea protein, hemp or quinoa cannot compete with WHEY.

Whey Protein is the fastest digesting protein amongst all. It gets assimilated in our body easily and helps with muscle maintenance.

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Oziva Protein and herbs Ingredients

NOTE: Oziva Protein and herbs for Women Review will provide you a good know-how of the INGREDIENTS used, so that you make a Confident Choice! 🙂

The main component in this supplement is WHEY protein. Being a COMPLETE PROTEIN (having all essential Amino Acids) it will provide all benefits that are linked to consumption of Protein.

Apart from protein; a standard ratio of BCAAs and Glutamic acid has been provided in the supplement. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) help with muscle strength and Glutamic acid eases recovery after workout.

5.5g of BCAAs and around 3g of Glutamic acid is a good amount for such a supplement.

Good quality Whey Protein is sourced from U.S.A. The company has specified that they use ‘Cold Pressed and ultra filtered Whey Protein Concentrate in the product. They have also added some amount of Whey Isolate which is obtained by Micro filtration process.

Both the processes mentioned above are the standard methods which help to keep the ‘whey protein’ in a good and active state. (Must Know-  high temperatures and acid treatments denature protein)

A blend of herbs ( shatavari, flaxseed, tulsi, curcumin) to keep the hormones balanced in women.

Other Herbs ( Guduchi, Green tea, Cinnamon) promote a good metabolism.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals for healthy skin and hair. ( Importantly Biotin, zinc, Vitamin A, D, C and B vitamins have been added)

Natural Digestive enzymes are added to ensure no digestive problem takes place. (Papain: obtained from Papaya ; Bromelain: obtained from Pine Apple).

It is Soy free, Gluten free, and sugar free. No artificial sweetener has been added neither any preservative or low quality filler. This makes this supplement hypo allergic and safe for most of us. 

Sweetened with a natural sweetener Stevia. The ‘Chocolate flavoured’ Oziva Protein n herbs has added cocoa for flavour.

“OZIVA PROTEIN AND HERBS for Women  is a fortified health supplement for women as well as a great post workout drink.”

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ROLEs of Herbal ingredients in Oziva Protein n Herbs supplement

Medicinally beneficial and powerful herbs have been added in this supplement. I do not say this of my own accord. The facts stated here are established by science and their benefits have been documented in research journals.

It is impossible to state all the roles (of herbs) in detail. You may go through the summarised facts and check the links provided in our References section for more details:

HERBAL BLEND (explained)

(1) SHATAVARI: It is a great ‘female tonic’. Often used in the Indian Ayurvedia to treat problems related to the female reproductive system. Look for this ingredient in your Ayurvedic ‘female tonic’ if you are using any and it is no surprise that you will find it in the ingredient list. 🙂

Shatavari (A. racemosus) has anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It also helps to prevent anti ageing, improve life span, mental function and vigour.

(2) FLAXSEEDS: Also known as ‘Magical seeds’ owing to immense number of benefits they offer. It is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and soluble fiber. Flaxseeds are anti viral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and stress reducing. They are also LOADED with anti oxidants.

Moreover, they have Phytoestrogens (plant based compounds that mimic estrogen. Therefore, they are helpful for promoting Hormonal Balance.

(3) TULSI (Holy Basil) : Indian households already know the value of ‘Tulsi’. It has numerous advantages and only a few can be listed here, but your grandma may tell you many more. It is an anti microbial, anti inflammatory and immunity boosting herb. Tulsi has healing properties. It is also normalises Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose levels.

(4) CURCUMIN (the active component of Haldi):  We, being ‘Indians’ are familiar to Haldi and its benefits. The ‘curcumin’ found in turmeric helps to reduce inflammatory conditions and oxidative stress in the body. It also combats muscle soreness, relieves arthritis and also reduces anxiety.


(1) GUDUCHI: It is an important Ayurvedic drug. ‘Guduchi’ is a sanskrit word which means ‘protection form diseases’. It has anti viral, anti pyretic, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. Its use helps to promote longevity, good complexion, enhanced physical strength and a strong immune system.

(2) GREEN TEA: It is known to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases since it contains poly phenols and anti oxidants. Green tea is Anti carcinogenic. Also lowers the blood pressure and protects against heart diseases. Helps with carbohydrate metabolism; has anti diabetic effects. It may help reduce weight too.

(3)CINNAMON: It is known as ‘daalchini’ in India and has great anti oxidant properties among all other commonly used spices/condiments. This is also anti inflammatory and anti microbial. It protects against cancer as well as heart diseases and also reduces lipid (fat) in the body.


Benefits Linked with Oziva Protein and herbs for Women!

Oziva Protein and Herbs (for women) review is incomplete without citing benefits. Owing to its rich ingredient profile its benefits are many:

  • It is primarily a protein supplement, so it will provide you with a good boost of protein and thus your muscle mass will be maintained (ie existing muscles will become healthy and toned). As well as if you are too skinny or have more of fat; your muscles will take the nutrition and start developing well.
  • It has BCAAs and Glutamic acid. These Amino acids together really help in muscle building, maintenance and recovery for those who work out.
  • The blend of vitamins are the same ones, that you find in any good multivitamin prescribed to you by a doctor. The benefits are really much more than those listed here.
  • All these added vitamins (like vitamin C, B12, A, D and other B vitamins) have specific roles and deficiency of any one of them would lead to malfunctioning in the body. Together, they will promote a healthy immune system, healthy bones, skin and hair, proper vision, healthy blood vessels , proper functioning of heart and kidneys and a healthy reproductive system too!
  • A great source of Omega 3 and fiber, ‘Flaxseed’ has also been added. Omega-3s help to lower cholesterol and hence prevent heart related diseases. They also help to lower lipid levels, promote good vision, bone and joint health, skin health, prevent inflammation, auto immune diseases and help to maintain an overall good metabolism.
  • This supplement helps you gain a strong and well functioning ‘Reproductive System’ and as I write this I do know, it is a great concern for every woman. The ‘herbal blend’ has got some added herbs to help you deal with a progressing age, stress and a  bad lifestyle.
  • As the name signifies the ‘metabolism blend’ contains herbs are known to have great positive impact on your metabolism while saving you from inflammations and risk of various diseases.
  • Last but not the least! You pay for the product, but what you get in return is a Whey protein with added BCAAs and Glutamic acid, a Multivitamin supplement and a great Ayurvedic herbal supplement exclusively for feminine support ……. ALL IN ONE!


Weight loss or weight gain: What should I expect with Oziva Protein and Herbs??

It is for healthy weight management. The result will depend on your diet and lifestyle.

It can be used to loose weight. You will be happy to know that people have lost weight with its use. Not only does a protein supplement makes us feel full for longer time but it also has fiber from flax seeds and special ingredients like Curcumin, Cinnamon and Green tea which are always advised to be included in diet during a weight loss journey. Do read about their benefits to know more. Hence, it is being suggested for weight loss by many health and fitness advisors.

It is not for weight gain (like mass gainers), but you can attain good health, strong muscles and thus a healthy weight. It will definitely improve your muscle quality and help you reach a healthy weight if you are very skinny.

Food habits and exercise are very important in both cases. (healthy weight gain OR weight loss)


Final Take: Oziva Protein and Herbs for Women

As per our analysis, it is a good product. It is an ISO certified and FSSAi approved product and GMP compliant. It is packed with high quality and  valuable ingredients.

Our review on Oziva protein and herbs for Women as you might have read is an extensive one and we conclude that yes it will foster great health benefits. Best when coupled with daily exercise!

Reviews from women who have used Oziva Protein and Herbs:- Personal experiences have been so far so good. Most of the people have got positive results. An overwhelming number of people on Oziva’s official website, Amazon, Youtube and other e-commerce platforms have posted their positive feedback after using this product.

This product is being constantly suggested to women for weight loss. It will be good for anyone who wants to move in the healthy weight range. It will provide complete nutrition and will help to be stronger. Morever, it also alleviates feminine issues, especially PCOD.  🙂

There are NO reports of any Side Effects from users as of now. (in some cases bloating has been observed)

Although NEW, but it is a promising product.


Should I start using Oziva Protein?

Well, this depends on your need. Including Protein in your diet is more essential than you might think. You can include this if you do not complete your daily requirement of protein through diet. It will also be a great addition if you are a careless eater OR don’t have the time to focus on your nutritional intake.

The added advantage with this product is that you don’t need to take any more supplements like a multivitamin or care about general women specific health issues. It comes to you as a ‘complete and ‘fortified’ supplement.

NOTE: In any case; if you need a simple Whey Protein powder with no extra additions you can use that too. It is equally good for women as it is for men and has no side effects.

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Our suggestion would be to buy a 500 g packaging to give it a try and when you find its effect to be helpful, go in for the large packaging. Exercise well and inculcate a healthy sleeping habit.


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It is easy to find a Whey Protein powder with added vitamins but the one having herbs specific to Women’s health isn’t. Oziva Protein and herbs is one of its kinds (and a purely vegetarian product).














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